Plotting regions with Matplotlib

Some PixelRegion objects have an as_artist() method that returns an equivalent matplotlib.patches object. For example regions.CirclePixelRegion.as_artist() returns a matplotlib.patches.Circle object.

To draw a matplotlib patch object, add it to an matplotlib.axes.Axes object.

from regions import PixCoord, CirclePixelRegion
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

region = CirclePixelRegion(PixCoord(x=0.3, y=0.42), radius=0.5)
artist = region.as_artist()

axes = plt.gca()
axes.set_xlim([-0.5, 1])
axes.set_ylim([-0.5, 1])

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The plot(), a convenience method just does these two steps at once (creating a matplotlib patch artist and adding it to an axis), and calls plt.gca() if no axis is passed in.

You can shift the origin of the region very conveniently while plotting by simply supplying the origin pixel coordinates to plot() and as_artist(). The **kwargs argument takes any keyword argument that the Patch object accepts for those regions represented as patches, or arguments Line2D accepts for point regions. For example:

from regions import PixCoord, BoundingBox
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

bbox = BoundingBox(ixmin=-1, ixmax=1, iymin=-2, iymax=2)
# shifting the origin to (1, 1) pixel position
ax = bbox.plot(origin=(1, 1), edgecolor='yellow', facecolor='red', fill=True)
ax.set_xlim([-4, 2])
ax.set_ylim([-4, 2])

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Here’s a full example how to plot a CirclePixelRegion on an image.

"""Example how to plot pixel regions on an image without WCS.
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from regions import PixCoord, CirclePixelRegion

fig, ax = plt.subplots()
region = CirclePixelRegion(center=PixCoord(x=3, y=5), radius=3)

data = np.arange(10 * 15).reshape((10, 15))
ax.imshow(data, cmap='gray', interpolation='nearest', origin='lower')
region.plot(ax=ax, color='red')

(Source code, png, hires.png, pdf)


The RectanglePixelRegion and EllipsePixelRegion docstrings also contain plot examples.

SkyRegion objects currently don’t have an as_artist() or plot() method. To plot them, convert them to a pixel region first:

sky_region = <...>
pixel_region = sky_region.to_pixel(wcs, mode, tolerance)
pixel_region.plot(**kwargs)  # plot options passed to matplotlib

We do plan to add extensive documentation on sky region plotting, or to add methods on sky region to do it directly in the future (see ), after the polygon region classes are developed.

An example of how to plot sky regions on a sky image is shown above.