Full Changelog

0.4 (Unreleased)

  • No changes yet.

0.3 (2018-09-09)


  • Changed as_patch to as_artist to accommodate non-patch artists [#218]
  • Implemented to_pixel for regions.CompoundSkyRegions, to_mask for regions.CompoundPixelRegion and to_pixel for regions.CircleSkyRegion. [#137]
  • Handling dimension and broadcast of x and y in regions.PixCoord. [#172]
  • Deserialization of CRTF file format is possible. [#173]
  • Added regions.TextPixelRegion and regions.TextSkyRegion. [#177]
  • Added Shape layer in the serialization of DS9 format. Also, implemented RegionMeta and RegionVisual to validate the meta parameters. [#179]
  • Serialization of regions.Region object to CRTF format is possible. [#186]
  • Fix mask bug for regions with negative indices. [#190]
  • Improved the plot methods for several regions. Added as_patch for annulus regions. Now, uses the parameters in the visual attributes of regions in the matplotlib plotting. Also, added mpl_properties_default method in regions.PixelRegion to set the visual parameters to that of DS9 by default. [#194]
  • Now, to_mask in regions.CompoundPixelRegion handles negative bounding box. [#195]
  • Added regions.RectangleAnnulusPixelRegion, regions.RectangleAnnulusSkyRegion, regions.EllipseAnnulusPixelRegion and regions.RectangleAnnulusSkyRegion. Also, implemented custom descriptor classes for attribute validation. [#196]
  • Implemented FITS Region Binary Table reader and writer. [#198]
  • Renamed Mask class to RegionMask and added origin arg to as_patch and plot methods in regions.Region class. [#203]
  • Support for explicit formatting directives in DS9. [#204]

0.2 (16-02-17)

0.1 (26-07-16)